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[06 Aug 2009|07:51pm]
Someone explain what you do in an ethics class to me, I am retarded
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[14 May 2009|08:36pm]
HELLO John Francis Daley can sing to me on bones anytime he wants!!!!!

i love him.
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[08 May 2009|07:45am]
I'm trying to think of a better combination that Kevin Farley on Monk and... I just can't do it...
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You know your day is pathetic when.. [02 May 2009|09:01pm]
You're watching high school musical and over analyzing it. To spare you my thoughts, I will only leave 1 example.

The song 16 minutes. It's supposed to be about the last 16 minutes of the game. It takes place during the last 16 minutes of the game. The song ends when the buzzard sounds. The song however, is not actually 16 minutes.

I am lame
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[25 Apr 2009|06:12pm]
R.I.P. Bea Arthur..
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lollies [23 Feb 2009|10:35pm]
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in flash huzzah!!

be proud of me!

texy by rebecca lynn ondra and carly stallone!

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Kathleen [27 Dec 2008|04:36pm]
How can you be related to this?

Your brother's status:

Steve Crouse
is been around this block too many times rocked too many rhymes cocked too many 9's.

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oh hey also, [27 Dec 2008|03:15pm]
this makes me sick

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Survival [27 Dec 2008|02:35pm]



Whatever happened to this man?

Or this man?

And pretty much more importantly, this man?

Please write back soon!!

(your #1 fan!)

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[07 Dec 2008|04:42pm]
Do you ever make the mistake of assuming that older people have the same vocabulary you do?

I think I'm not smart enough to be a cashier at price chopper. SO when I left today the supervisor was like, "oh are you leaving?" and I said, "yes, you should be elated", thinking that elated is not such a gigantic word and that she would be able to wrap her head around it. So she says, "why?" and I said that it was because I am not smart or something because I messed up my coupons today blah blah. She replies with, "oh it's ok to drive, most of the roads are cleared by now."


I mean when she got there, she was like oh how was your drive today, but that was like 4 hours prior to this conversation.
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[05 Nov 2008|09:48am]
Dear America,
The only thing you have not failed in is letting me down again! Thank you for ruining my day!!!!
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the only time i use lj anymore [18 Oct 2008|09:27pm]
is to post lolworthy videos.

so here's a present.

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I was [21 Aug 2008|01:04pm]
looking at my sisters yearbook from when we were in 8th grade, and for some reason she has Tori Hoffman completely blacked out... did I miss something?
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If you go to the fair [15 Aug 2008|12:34pm]
Don't go on the tilt a whirl.
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no onions on the burger [06 Aug 2008|09:14pm]
Bob Buss: [while doing interview rehearsals] Okay, QT, what's your favorite color?
Jason "Q.T." McKnight: Blue.
Bob Buss: Jerry?
Jerry O'Keefe: Blue.
Bob Buss: No! It can't be blue.
Jerry O'Keefe: But it's *always* been blue. It was blue, since before QT was born.
Bob Buss: You guys! There can't be any overlap! Let's say a girl picks up an issue of Teen Beat and there's an article with you guys. Her favorite color is green - but no one in 2gether likes green, ergo no one in 2gether likes *her*, ergo she does not matter as a human being!

i miss this.
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wednesday [28 Jul 2008|10:12am]
is anyone free next wednesday, the 6th, that wants to go to the food festival with meee? it starts at 11 (parking is a beyotch so i go early) and i would say kt tunstall/martha wainwright are probably on around 6? and i love crepes and kielbasa. not together though.
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lol I love miley cyrus [27 Jul 2008|02:57pm]
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[23 Jul 2008|03:35pm]
ok so I have been thinking more about Halloween. Blame the party store retail cycle in me. Anyway, I am most likely going to have 3+ costumes. 1 for work and a couple for play. At work I hope to wear the fatty girl supergirl costume as it is about the only new plus size costume we have gotten this year. I have already discussed being a female joker, so help me plz. Are Heath's pants purple or blue? I thought the Joker wore purple, but these look like a blue pinstripe. I know his shirt is blue and the back of the vest is blue pinstripe because these are things I focused on during the movie obviously (what is a plot anyhow?). I also don't know where I can find mardi gras colored tights, maybe I will have to make leggins out of knit fabric in a pathwork pattern or something. Here is the pic. It will spam your friends page. SAWRY.


And I know for sure that I am also making a female sailor costume loosely based on this one, perhaps different colours:

and then maybe female Robin Hood for whatever parties David and I go to.
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sometimes [21 Jul 2008|11:21pm]
i wish i could get away with dressing lolitaesque and not look retarded. oh dreams.
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